Sales Project Manager

Job Type: Fixed-term contract / Salary: Competitive / Job Ref: 20190708
Location: London, United Kingdom / Date Posted: 8th July 2019

Job Description

The role is at a big tech company, and will be working within the UK Sales team to help improve current processes & accelerate productivity of the current sales managers. Main initial responsibilities will be owning and improving UK deals process, working closely with senior sales leads as well as the EMEA team. The sales project manager should review deals structure, sourcing the right data needed to support strategic deals and become the expert in the team on the internal systems needed to access the various revenue data needed as part of the process. The individual should also implement new ways of working for the team to save time and improve productivity in our deal making process & scale best practice and feedback on how to improve the process to the EMEA deals team.


  • Collaborating with sales leads to help them source the right information to construct and present their deals more efficiently.
  • Help deliver value and time savings into the current deals process by creating process and automation around repetitive tasks.
  • Collaborate with EMEA deals team to push back best practice from the UK and drive improvements to our internal deal processes.


  • ┬áBA/MA degree (or equivalent)
  • 5-7 years of relevant experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Self starter who enjoys problem solving & driving change in a complex matrixed environment
  • Needs to be comfortable with data manipulation (spreadsheets, pivot tables etc. Vs. any coding skills) & strong analytical skills
  • Strong presentation skills preferred
  • Some understanding of our industry & the platforms ecosystem at Google is an advantage