Retail Marketing – Regional Analytics & Insight Lead

Job Type: Fixed-term contract / Salary: Competitive / Job Ref: 070219
Location: London, United Kingdom / Date Posted: 7th February 2019

Job Description

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The Retail Marketing team plays a critical role bringing our clients products to consumers. You will work internally with teams across our clients organization, as well as in close collaboration with outside retailers, operators, researchers, and many others, to bring the client’s shared vision to life. You will be joining a team that is passionate about creating amazing customer experiences, and understanding how to do so through deep, fact-based customer insights.



  • The Regional Analytics and insights team is responsible for analyzing and understanding the impact of Retail marketing efforts, and influencing future Retail strategy and design based on fact-based results.
  • You will manage all aspects of retail marketing analytics in your region, including in-store consumer surveys, qualitative shop-alongs, sales uplift analyses, and channel marketing / digital analytics.
  • Meet with internal and external clients in-region and on the global team to understand needs and scope research projects.
  • Drive in-store research in-region, such as intercept surveys and qualitative shop-alongs.
  • Developing research briefs, setting project goals and learning objectives with internal stakeholders, working with retail partners to secure permissions, synthesizing insights, and developing final reports with external vendors.
  • Lead channel marketing analytics efforts in-region, including tracking spend.
  • Build and deliver compelling presentations to senior leaders (Director and VP level), which distill key insights as well as provide actionable recommendations to all our teams (global creative, global go to market, country, regional etc)
  • Collaborate with the global analytics team to develop analytical approaches and tools for broader Retail Marketing problems and ensure consistency in methodologies and deliverables.


Minimum qualifications and skills

  • 5+ years experience in Market Research or consulting BA/BS degree with a strong analytical focus (STEM or quantitative social sciences)
  • Proficient in Google docs, sheets, slides (relevant Microsoft experience will suffice)
  • Comfort working with and manipulating data, building models, running scenarios or sensitivities, and summarizing key takeaways and insights
  • Deep expertise in data analytics, modeling and research; proven ability to conduct brand monitoring, clickstream analytics, predictive modeling and data visualization
  • Highly attuned communication skills; ability to work cross-functionally and drive action with other teams not directly under your control

Preferred qualifications and skills  

  • Experience working in retail/ consumer goods, or consumer electronics / mobile
  • Ability to use advanced data analysis packages and languages such as R and SQL
  • Experience planning for and managing large-scale, interrelated, complex projects, and coordinating and collaborating with cross-functional team members to deliver quality results
  • Executive presence to actively manage and run cross functional meetings