Digital Skills Trainer

Job Type: Contract / Salary: Competitive / Job Ref: 23032020
Location: United Kingdom / Date Posted: 2nd June 2020

Job Description

We are currently hiring a team of  Digital skills trainers. This is an opportunity for driven individuals who have experience and passion for delivering first-class training within the Digital Skills realm. We are looking for an individual who is experienced in delivering end-to-end digital skills programs for business, individuals and communities. You will also be responsible for driving and delivering an education platform to build and develop digital skills programs. You will be proactively required to work with a variety of clients to ensure they are delivered a bespoke learning experience focused on their needs. Previous experience in digital skills coaching and training coaches is essential.


  • Provide digital skills training whilst creating an impactful learning experience for students, improving their digital skills, confidence and capability
  • Answer questions on topics such as social media, digital advertising and search optimisation engines
  • Program Manage digital skills initiative 
  • Local outreach and promotion of the digital learning centre, helping to create partnerships and seek opportunities 
  • Work with students to inspire, create and monitor their individual learning plans
  • Provide personal and professional support, building skills for the future workplace
  • Management and reporting of performance, progression and social impact of all key programme elements
  • Use systems, including e-portfolio tracking system, to record and track outcomes


  • All candidates must have a good understanding of digital technologies 
  • Coaching or mentoring: 3 years minimum
  • Interest in technology and the digital industry
  • You must have excellent presentation skills with the ability to deliver training to multiple individuals once content training has been provided
  • Strong communication skills with excellent people/interpersonal skills
  • Familiarity with Agile development methodologies