Marketing Project Coordinator

Job Type: Fixed-term contract / Salary: Competitive / Job Ref: 001210
Location: London, United Kingdom / Date Posted: 21st May 2019

Job Description

You will provide services to our client's Marketing team in connection with the provision of project management services for a leading digital skills programme in a number of cities across the UK.

  • Physical presence project management: Ensure each relevant city’s event calendar (comprising training, mentoring, workshops and third-party events) is developed, planned and executed; working with the in-market team to ensure each location operates efficiently.
  • External stakeholder management: Support the core team with the maintenance and development of relationships with a range of partners to deliver the desired physical presence. This would include: (1) Mapping out key business support partners and networks for businesses  in key cities across the UK; and (2) Securing commitments and agreement for promotional activities and / or support from partners relating to the initiative
  • Programme management: plan and execute programmes to drive greater internal and external engagement
  • Reporting and analysis: track effectiveness of programmes, including - but not limited to - the effectiveness of the promotion to drive partners to these activities; and provide analysis-based insight aimed at improving efficiencies
  • Internal stakeholder management: liaising with PR, policy and brand teams to communicate and deliver the programmes



  • Experience in marketing/project management with proven event organisation skills.
  • Strong analytical skills required to measure impact of marketing efforts and operational efficiency.
  • Proven stakeholder management.
  • Ability to work across flexibly across multiple work-streams and disciplines to deliver to demanding deadlines with a ‘get things done’ attitude.
  • Fluency in English, with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • BA or equivalent.




  • Excellent problem solving skills, combined with strong business judgement.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with multiple cross-functional teams.
  • Ability to deliver quality outputs in a fast-paced, exciting and dynamic environment with an ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated strong performance in prior roles.
  • Understanding of business support networks and organisations.