External Outreach and Training Manager

Job Type: Contract / Salary: TBC / Job Ref: 001219
Location: London, United Kingdom / Date Posted: 12th April 2019

Job Description

 Our client runs an initiative that empowers women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. In practice, it is a 90 minute workshop which is free and open to everyone.

This role is responsible for External Outreach & Training and it means growing and scaling their External  Facilitator Programme. External facilitators are individuals who are trained by our client to deliver workshops in their organisations and networks.



(1) Program management:

  • Build and maintain relationships with key clients/partners, helping them to scale and within their organisations
  • Develop new ideas to grow and scale our external facilitator program
  • Overall coordination of program activities including training, events and communications

(2) Facilitator training and engagement:

  • Deliver regular trainings to onboard new facilitators
  • Provide ongoing customer support to our global community of  facilitators
  • Build the facilitator community to connect facilitators and drive engagement

(3) Data and analytics:

  • Manage and develop our data collection and feedback processes
  • Analyse the data to track the reach and impact of the programme
  • Provide insights for future planning and growth based on data



  • MA/BA or equivalent
  • Experience in Project Management
  • Strong presentation skills, being able to present confidently to a large audience
  • Strong analytical skills are a plus

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Proven ability to handle several projects at once
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated strong performance in prior roles
  • Excellent attention to detail in processes required to manage a global program