Google Digital Skills Training: How To Simplify Networking With Google Lens


Guest blogger, Anna Kearney from Xune Limited provides Google digital skills training on Google Lens: “Anna is an e-commerce specialist and director of Xune Ltd. She has a passion for public speaking and training and works alongside Chesamel to provide specialist digital coaching to global tech companies.”



Google officially released Google Lens in October 2017, just before the launch of the much revamped Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phone. Although exclusive to Pixel 2 handsets, it is now available on Google Play for download and is integrated into the Google Assistant.

Breathing new life into current tech, many smartphone users are constantly taking photos – from breakfast to artwork to shopping lists.

Here enters Google Lens – if you’re going to make something digital why not go all the way. Turn a photo into an actual list – Lens allows you to do this.

Google Lens uses AI technology to analyse images and identify things. Here is an example of live image recognition – simply tap on the object that needs identifying, and Google Lens will scour the internet to identify it for you.

Google Lens Networking

It is also massively useful during networking events when you’re in a busy environment, and business cards are being exchanged in all directions, Google Lens makes this process super easy. Using Google Lens on a business card takes the physical into the digital, it immediately pulls up vital information – and even prompts to add to your contacts. It takes three clicks or taps to go from physical business card to contact list; an absolute time saver for anyone using a CRM to store leads, contacts and clients!


From one image the user is prompted to take actions such as ‘Google search, visit the website or LinkedIn profile’ so immediate connections can be established, messages can be sent and leads kept warm and fresh for immediate post-event follow up.


Now Google Lens is available as a downloadable stand-alone app opening up the opportunities users and networkers alike.