London Voted The Most Attractive Place In The World To Work!

The future is bright for a post-Brexit London. A recent study, ‘Decoding Global Talent 2018’, has proved that London is holding strong its position as the top city in the world to work – are we surprised?

The research was carried out by Totaljobs, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network (a union of over 50 global recruitment websites). Those who voted London to be the most attractive city to work originated from nearly 200 countries and amounted to 336, 000 overseas workers.

The UK as a whole, however, might not feel the same level of joy in learning that the UK has been bumped three places in the bid to become most popular country worldwide for overseas workers.  In 2014 the UK took second place, however today in 2018, the result left us in fifth; beaten by the US, Germany, Canada and Australia.

London St Pauls Yulia Chinato

Within a short space of time, London has earned its title as number one in the Global Financial Centres Index, compiled by Z/Yen, and the most popular city to work in the world. With fears that Brexit would weaken the economy in many ways, this news could not be more welcome to the UK. This Index showed London to have a particularly high reputation and impressive financial infrastructure.

In September 2017, the office of National Statistics found that immigration of European citizens to the UK had decreased by 6.5 per cent. In addition to this many European countries were among those that chose the USA, Germany, Australia or Canada as their preferred places to work over the UK, deducing that the European opinion of the UK has been impacted by the pending Brexit deal.

On top of this, the research has shown that UK citizens are also looking more favourably on moving abroad to work themselves, sitting above the average, the biggest increase recored for any country, at 62%.

The UK really needs to retain as many of it’s skilled workers as possible to continue working towards closing the skills gap currently being felt across the country.