Instagram Update Following The F8 Conference

With competition to keep ahead of the game in the social media world soaring, Instagram, having only just released a host of updates for their avid users, are now trialling a few more.

Their latest updates included clickable hashtags and clickable profile ‘@‘ links in your bio, Instagram’s highly anticipated ‘shop’ feature and focus mode in stories, to name a few.  But in true social media style we’re already ready for more, and following May’s F8 conference, it looks like we’re in for a treat!

The one thing that we haven’t seen Instagram move in on yet is the music scene but we’ll be seeing this change soon with the introduction of and collaboration with Spotify.  The music streaming app will be introducing a ‘share on Instagram’ feature, they will also be adding a ‘share to Facebook’ feature, meaning that we can share the music we’re listening to in a more tangible way than a screenshot!

We’ve experienced the uprising of Instagram live and with it the ability to ‘split screen’ with friends or viewers, welcoming a new level of interaction and another layer of content – obviously we’re eager for more!  Potentially with the aim of straying further into the messaging app market, Instagram are rolling out a multiple way video chat function. Not only is this a fantastic way to keep users connected and a functionality that not all messaging apps even offer yet, (although we should be seeing group calling from WhatsApp very soon!)  but in keeping Instagram images and content at the core, this video chat can also be minimised while we continue to scroll and devour the visuals.

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Control and privacy; so vital in 2018. Instagram is handing back much of the control to users, having taken control, as have most social media platforms, of what we see and deciding what our preferences are, Instagram are putting us, the users, back in the driving seat.  The new ‘Explore’ feature is coming soon and will allow the user to decide and select which topics and interests they are shown, almost channelling Pinterest’s option of topic selection.

Unfortunately, trolling and vicious comments have become a darker part of the internet which is difficult to monitor or avoid. In the fight against this, Instagram are to introduce an option to ‘hide offensive comments’.  How does it work?  Well, machine learning is used to detect when language is designed to offend and, when the feature is turned on, will hide these comments and language. Just another step in Instagram’s efforts against bullying and trolling!

Avoiding the drama of the ‘unfollow’, when you’re just not interested or sick of seeing someone’s content, you can now ‘Mute’ an individual.  You won’t need to unfollow them, but when muted, you won’t see their content on your feed at all, nifty!

Of course, this will not be exhaustive of everything that Instagram has up their sleeve and give it another month and I’m sure we’ll be ready for more exciting announcements!