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This week we stood witness to another exciting announcement from Google – the latest instalment of AI technology from the guys at Google in the form of Google Duplex was announced at the Google i/o developer conference in California!

Just incase you haven’t caught the news over the last week, and are wondering what we’re talking about, Google Duplex is ‘a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out “real world” tasks over the phone’ (Google Blog)

New Technology Google Duplex


Google Duplex has the ability to make phone calls on your behalf – convenient and astoundingly lifelike!   The aim was to achieve ‘natural’ conversations with, service industry individuals, an environment where we would naturally need to make appointments.  Although Google is still experimenting with approach and have been clear that this is a prototype which will mature and unfold before being released to the public as a product, they did demo this technology at their launch, giving examples (which can be seen below and on their blog) of Duplex, impressively, making a hair appointment and making a dinner reservation.

It’s claimed that the AI assistant can manage the intricacies and nuances of natural human speech which would throw up challenges, if not completely throw a spanner in the works, for many existing AI assistants and bots. One may change tack part way through a sentence and correct themselves, Google Duplex can manage with this when listening and can simulate this in its own speech. With the addition of ‘umms’ and ‘errrs’ giving an apparently human realism, Duplex can navigate changes or misunderstandings in a conversation to provide clear instructions or desires and requests to achieve an appointment or appropriate answer.


Youtube Video Copywrite Jeffrey Grubb

This development is undeniably impressive but of course was unable to avoid a little criticism from some, who had concerns that this was an unethical and inappropriate use of this kind of technology. Never to be outdone, Google is ahead of the game and have, following the conference, announced that the system will identify itself to those it calls and have ensured onlookers that transparency in the way that the technology is used is of great importance to them.


Keep your ears pricked for the next announcement around Google Duplex, we’ll be patiently (and excitedly) waiting!