Make the most of Google Tools || SMEs listen up

We’ll keep it short and sweet – as business owners and managers, we understand, you’re busy.

So, here are a few useful pointers which could help you become more accessible and more efficient when reaching out to customers.


Use Google Domains

Looking to set up your own website? Google domains has been running for 3 years now, but in case you haven’t heard of this particular Google tool, it’s here to offer assistance in the first steps of starting up your own website; creating a domain name, purchasing it and getting yourself a personalised email.

Google Domains

Increased Security

Google have now introduced more security on Google domains too.  Recent news stories mean security is in the spotlight at the moment, and we should all be listening as businesses big and small. Google have ensured that with use of WHOIS privacy your personal information can be protected and spam restricted, helping you keep personal information private, not public, when creating your Google Domain.


Adwords Express

Already up and running and advertising online with Google Adwords? Now, Adwords Express has introduced more notifications, making it easier to get more out of your customer calls.  ‘Goals’ was introduced to improve your success rate of conversion, and now increased notification options mean that, should you miss a call from a prospective customer via Adwords, you’ll receive a notification to call them right back.  Plus you can provide feedback to Adwords Express on the relevance of the call received, meaning future calls and enquiries can all be more relevant to you.


If you want to find out more about Google tools, or you’re seeking assistance with creating your own website, engaging with your audience or improving your online brand. Then check out some of the courses lead by our team of professional Digital Garage coaches.