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Announced in January, launched in February 2018, Google have upped their game in the mobile pay competition and rivalled Apple Pay with Google pay.  This has replaced both Android pay and Google Wallet, so if you’re a fan and a user of these already, there’s no need to download and set up again, your app will update with your phone update and portray the new name and new features!  So, 2 months in – what’s the verdict? What does it do and how are our lives about to be enhanced by this new arrival?



Mobile pay is a time saver and a hassle eliminator, with Google Pay, Google users can now tap and go without even looking for a purse or wallet with even more ease than they could with Google Wallet. 


Already got a Google account? Great, Google Pay has the autofill feature so your payment information can be simply added to Google Pay with minimal effort.


You’re also able to add things like gift cards, loyalty and reward cards and even boarding passes!  


Easy Commute

Keep your morning commute as streamlined as possible as you sail through the gates with a tap of your phone for payment.  How?  Just store your transport card with Google Pay and away you go!

Contactless Payment

Safe and secure

Keeping our bank details safe is so important in a time where everything is only a click, or a fingerprint away!  When using Google Pay your details are stored and Google know that you need to feel safe in the knowledge that no details are being revealed to prying eyes, so Google Pay doesn’t reveal your card information when making the payment, keeping you safe and secure.

Anything else to note?

There’s hundreds of banks and payment providers currently supported on Google Pay, and you can find out if yours is among them here.


Your phone will need to be NFC (near-field communication) enabled, so check first to avoid disappointment.  


There’s few limits to where you can use it – even the Church of England has recently introduced the ability to leave a donation via contactless payment, which supports Google Pay, in to thousands of churches!  So, you’ll have plenty of opportunity in plenty of places to use your Google Pay. 


And, you can use Google pay with your Google watch too – you won’t even have to get your phone out!