Google Grasshopper || Why learn to code?

We’re all, always learning.  Each of us every day has the opportunity and the ability to learn something new, a small fact or a whole new skill set.  Google champions growing your skill set, from the Digital Garage initiative to the many Learn With Google and Grow With Google programmes that they provide, Google not only champions this attitude but gives us the ways and means to achieve the growth.  In the latest addition to their vast array of learning and development tools and opportunities, Google has recently launched the Grasshopper app.


What is Grasshopper?

Grasshopper has been developed to help adults learn how to code. The idea behind the app was to provide an easily accessible route for adults to learn the most important and new language of the century; it’s free, overcoming one of the most prevailing barriers to learning to code – cost.  But, what else is stopping us all from becoming coding wizards? A lack of time to study this new language or a lack of access – where would we start?  Grasshopper has taken it all into consideration, or rather Google has, and provided us with this free app that can be ‘played’ on the go, on the way to work, waiting for the bus or on your lunch break – we’re pretty much out of excuses not to get learning!  


We use the word ‘play’ as the app is in fact ‘designed as a series of puzzles and quizzes that increasingly get more difficult’ according to Laura Holmes, founder of Grasshopper. (TechCrunch)   Any association with studying hard will be far from our minds as we jump feet first into learning this new skill!

Learn Google Grasshopper On Tablet

Why Learn To Code?

“Coding is becoming such an essential skill, and we want to make it possible for everyone to learn even when life gets busy.” Google Grasshopper


We need to ‘speak computer’, whether you’re on board with the tech-centric way of life or still a little resistant, it’s happening, tech and computers are opening up so many doors for us.  Having a basic knowledge of this computer language will soon be more common than not.


Say ‘hello’ to more opportunities.  There’s a very prevalent digital skills gap in the UK, currently; the need and opportunity for digitally skilled individuals and talent is growing at a much faster rate than the talent is being nurtured.  Many employers, therefore, are looking to upskill their current employees rather than wait to hire the newly trained talent at the end of their degrees and training.  So, seize this opportunity with both hands and upskill yourself, give yourself an advantage and increase your own opportunities for promotion, further training or a brand new job!


For you on a personal level, welcome a little extra empowerment and confidence into your life. New skills bring with them newfound confidence, having knowledge and understanding of a topic really does increase our confidence and self-belief.  When you’re able to explain something to a colleague or friend with no hesitation because you know the answer, that’s a feeling of empowerment, and that can be a healthy injection for your psyche.


At least one or two here in the Chesamel Head Office have already been investigating the Grasshopper app and I for one already have it downloaded and intend to give it a real go – nothing ventured nothing gained, right?