Facebook || Security Updates – Post Scandal

Facebook; one of the world’s favourite spaces to stay in touch with friends and share the things we like with loved ones. 

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have gained more than a little unwanted attention over the last two weeks with their data harvesting scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, finding themselves, unsurprisingly under scrutiny by most.  As one may expect, this has resulted in Facebook ‘fast forwarding’ some changes to their security settings that were due to be introduced, so that users can access them now!

The aim is simply to give users more control over their security settings; this is a timely reminder that, as businesses or individuals, we need to ensure we’re aware of all the tools available to us and that we’re staying safe online.


Know Your Data

The data scandal has left users feeling unsure, vulnerable and ill informed. In an effort to allow increased transparency, each user can now view the data that is stored about them on their own account, with the ability to delete from it if they desire. Facebook has introduced a feature for users to download their own information too, not only edit it online.

Facebook Thumb Security Updates


It has always been possible to choose who sees what in terms of profile, images, posts and shares, however perhaps not as simple as it could have been, nor does everyone necessarily know about these settings or think about updating and checking them regularly.


The Basics | Security Settings

Tools on the platform will now be easier for users to locate, the whole settings menu has had a refresh, so we’ll see a new design when we next log on to visit our account settings.  The menu has been condensed from ‘nearly 20 screens’ and all information clearly bundled so users won’t have to search quite so hard in order to make their safety and privacy changes.   Importantly, it should now be much clearer for users to see what information can and cannot be accessed or visible to which apps.


Clearer Information

A Privacy Shortcuts Menu has been added, with clearer information and more visual cues, to control data. There are more options available now for account security, allowing users to add ‘more layers’ if they wish.  In addition to password protection, Facebook highlighted in their blog that one of these layers available is two step authentication.


Personal information and interaction can be easily altered or removed, so anything that has been previously posted, reacted to or liked can be changed or removed through the Privacy Shortcuts Menu.


Filter Facebook Ads

And, although a wonderful marketing tool for businesses, Facebook ads can become more of an interference when reaching the wrong target audience, for individuals.  Facebook have listened to this and introduced a clear and simple route for users to gain more control over the ads that they are are shown, also via the new Privacy Shortcuts Menu.


Log on, take a look and update your privacy and security settings; knowing your data and what companies, apps and others can access is more important than ever if you want to stay safe online!