CES 2018 – Highlights

One of the biggest consumer electronics shows in the world, CES has wrapped up for 2018.

This year’s CES gave us a plethora of gadgets spanning across a range of modern technologies. Internet of Things has been trending more than ever, with all leading consumer electronics brands focussing on interconnected devices. Let us take a look at some key highlights from this year’s show.


Smart Homes

CES 2018 gave us plenty of smart home devices – some expected, some not so much.

While there were debutants like Kohler introducing smart bathroom accessories including Verdera Voice Lighted mirror, first bathroom mirror that comes with built-in Amazon Alexa, there was a stronger presence of Amazon and Google in this category, with their respective personal voice assistants finding integration in just about every smart home product.

Gadgets like smart water assistant designed by Belkin’s Phyn water company makes practical sense, however, Kohler’s voice-activated Numi smart toilet failed to impress.


Robotic innovations were not exactly the highlights of the CES 2018, at least not for the right reasons. We saw Forward X, a robotic suitcase that is designed to follow the owner in an airport. The idea is to reduce the hassle of pulling heavy luggage around, however, the demo revealed a slow prototype and inconsistent functioning.

[Source: Digital Trends]

LG’s CLOi is designed to improve the use of kitchen appliances with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, the robot repeatedly failed to respond and interact at the demo session. Chinese company YYD’s robot or Softbank’s Pepper humanoid also reminded us that bots still have a while to go until they can be of use.

Health Tech 

CES 2018 definitely outdid the previous years when it came to health and medical technology. There was a slew of different wellness gadgets from big brands, raising the bar pretty high in this segment.

L’oreal’s UV Sense is a tiny wearable tech that helps measure UV exposure. The gadget is reusable and can be attached to anything that is exposed to sunlight.

L'oreal UV Sense - CES 2018 - Chesamel

Nokia Sleep is a Wi-Fi enabled mat that is placed underneath the mattress and monitors data relevant to sleep, like sleeping patterns, length of sleep, etc. It also supports IFTTT integration to perform tasks like dimming lights and turning the thermostat on.

[Source: Nokia’s Channel on YouTube]

NeoMano Robotic Gloves are designed to help patients with spinal cord injuries to perform basic manual tasks. While the product is still waiting on FDA approval, the associated technology is promising.

NeoMano Gloves - CES 2018 - Chesamel

[Source: TechCrunch]



Modern technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality are gaining huge traction lately and there were some impressive gadgets on the show at CES 2018.

Lenovo Mirage Solo has made the dream of a much-needed standalone Daydream a reality. We can finally use a VR headset without having to connect our smartphones, TV or wires, which promises a great improvement in the overall immersive experience.

Lenovo Mirage Solo - VR - CES 2018 - Chesamel

HTC’s Vive Pro, an upgrade from the Vive, comes packed with features like high resolution display, built-in headphones, and a lighter headframe. HTC is also keen to offer freedom from wires with its wireless accessory which is designed to allow users to enjoy immersive VR for a couple of hours, no strings attached.

HTC Vive Pro - CES 2018 - Chesamel

[Source: Digital Trends]