How does Google set Goals? An Insight into the OKR Framework

It is that time of the year when organisations start reviewing their teams and set goals to achieve this year. While setting goals is a great way to get teams to focus, prioritise tasks and tangibly show for individual efforts, it is important to set goals that are clear and challenging enough. Most organisations follow […]

Google CFO Ruth Porat launches the Digital Garage in Manchester

Google continues to create free learning opportunities in the UK as Digital Garage revisits Manchester after 2 years. Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and Google, who was present at the launch event, said, “We believe there’s an opportunity gap as digital skills become ever more important in the workplace. Recognising this, Google is committed to […]

Meet the New Google Calendar (Web)!

Google Calendar’s web version has a new look! The web application comes with a fresh layout and promises new features that would help users manage their time and get more done. Google has gathered feedback from users over the years and incorporated some much-needed changes to the way the calendar looks and works. Here are […]

Teachable Machine – The Latest AI Experiment from Google

Google has launched a new browser experiment, Teachable Machine, that allows users to get some basic, hands-on experience with machine learning. The program uses a computer’s webcam to let a user train a basic AI software. There are three input channels, namely¬†Green, Purple and Orange, that could be used teach the program three different criteria. […]