John Daniels

Inspired Trainer ●Digital Marketing Consultant ● Keynote Speaker ● Problem Solver

Last Updated: 05/05/2018

For the past 2 decades, I have helped more than 300 businesses internationally get results from their digital marketing.

I combine the latest thinking (like Lean Startup, Agile and Growth hacking) with a wealth of practical experience gleaned from personally designing and implementing digital marketing strategies.

I have delivered training throughout my career, from my first job teaching Microsoft Systems Engineering in 1998, through to a website design course I created and delivered in 2005 to the recent Introduction to Google AdWords course I just delivered at the Chamber of Commerce.

I have the unique ability to be able to understand deep technical concepts and then deliver them in a way that is both engaging, entertaining and effective.

Technical skills: Google AdWords (Expert) Google Analytics (Expert) Facebook Ads (Expert) Email Marketing on a variety of platforms including Mailchimp, Dip and ActiveCampaign (Expert), Website Design (Intermediate), Landing page optimisation (Expert), and many more.

Phone: +447593193307

Address: Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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