Jason Deakin

Tenacious, ambitious and creative Project Manager

Last Updated: 29/04/2018

My most recent professional experience has been as a Project Manager at a veterinary startup where I demonstrated my goal focussed work ethic, passion for meeting targets and attention to detail.
Before this I gained a range of experiences in the veterinary field where I have demonstrated my ability to work in a diverse number of teams alongside people with a range of skills and backgrounds.
Making the transition from the veterinary field to technology field has allowed me to demonstrate my versatility, ability to adapt and thrive under pressure. Furthermore, this has provided the opportunity to develop and demonstrate that I am adaptable and organised, ability to integrate within a range of teams while remaining cognisant of the key objectives.
During my recovery from brain damage I have demonstrated my tenacity, focus and foal focussed determination. This reflects my ability to succeed when faced with adversity.
Particularly this is clear from the consistently impressive track academic record I have demonstrated while completing my MSc in Computer Science.
In summary, I believe I have demonstrated the leadership, nerve and problem solving skills that will allow me to thrive in this position.

Phone: 07949841426

Address: London, United Kingdom


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