Chako Tenadai Mutambara

Multi-talented especially in advocacy, political communication and policy analysis.

Last Updated: 02/05/2018

Chako Mutambara is of Zimbabwean citizenry currently residing in Indonesia. Graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Political Science. He wrote his Honors thesis on, β€˜An investigation of the impact of China – Zimbabwe relations from 2003 to 2013 on the Zimbabwean economy.’ Driven and ambitious, Chako aspires to be a progressive development practitioner on the and is willing to use acquired knowledge and experiences to add value and contribute to bigger strategic thinking path that will lead to the sustainable growth of the peoples of the World at large. He is fluent in English language and Bahasa Indonesia.

Phone: +628228753241

Address: Banda Aceh, Indonesia