How does Google set Goals? An Insight into the OKR Framework

It is that time of the year when organisations start reviewing their teams and set goals to achieve this year. While setting goals is a great way to get teams to focus, prioritise tasks and tangibly show for individual efforts, it is important to set goals that are clear and challenging enough. Most organisations follow […]

Capital Economics Report: Deliveroo has contributed £372m to UK Economy

A major independent study conducted by Capital Economics shows that the online food delivery company Deliveroo has boosted the UK economy by a whopping £372m last year. The company has added 7,200 new jobs nationwide. According to the study, Deliveroo has helped increase revenue of partnering restaurants and their supply chain by £460m last year. If […]

CES 2018 – Highlights

One of the biggest consumer electronics shows in the world, CES has wrapped up for 2018. This year’s CES gave us a plethora of gadgets spanning across a range of modern technologies. Internet of Things has been trending more than ever, with all leading consumer electronics brands focussing on interconnected devices. Let us take a […]

What is the Google Digital Garage?

The Google Digital Garage project was launched in 2015, to enable anyone to learn the fundamentals of online marketing so that they can take their business online and enjoy all the benefits, regardless of skills or background. The free online learning platform delivers a full digital skills course, using relatable examples of how different types […]

Google CFO Ruth Porat launches the Digital Garage in Manchester

Google continues to create free learning opportunities in the UK as Digital Garage revisits Manchester after 2 years. Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and Google, who was present at the launch event, said, “We believe there’s an opportunity gap as digital skills become ever more important in the workplace. Recognising this, Google is committed to […]

Nominet’s Research Shows Generational Gap in Digital Capability

A recent research by Nominet shows that 42% adults can comfortably complete basic digital tasks. The survey respondents were asked to recognise icons like WiFi, settings and menu, and perform tasks like downloading apps, accessing online maps, building a website, uploading video clips and making online transactions. The research also discovered that digital competency decreases with […]