How to Become a Better Leader

Ref: C1803034/A

Who: Kaboodle
What: How to Become a Better Leader
When: Monday, 26th February
Where: Sheffield Google Digital Garage

Kaboodle Digital recently made a visit to the Sheffield Garage and delivered a great session titled: How to Become a Better Leader. The session prompted attendees to consider their focus, as well as emphasized the value of self-reflection. This event had a small number of attendees for this session, which really lent itself to each person having the opportunity to speak and gain from the session.

The content for this session perfectly mirrored values from the Chesamel LOVE acronym about how to perfectly embody a Chesamel team player.

L – Listen effectively to the client and colleague.
O – Observe body language and take notes.
V – Voice your point succinctly.
E – Exhale, wrap up your point and finish with the next steps.

This was also the first time Kaboodle had delivered this session to people with special needs – this led to further discussions about how often there are few leaders (in the traditional sense) in disabled communities, again challenging the group’s beliefs around traditional leadership.