How does Google set Goals? An Insight into the OKR Framework

It is that time of the year when organisations start reviewing their teams and set goals to achieve this year. While setting goals is a great way to get teams to focus, prioritise tasks and tangibly show for individual efforts, it is important to set goals that are clear and challenging enough. Most organisations follow […]

Nominet’s Research Shows Generational Gap in Digital Capability

A recent research by Nominet shows that 42% adults can comfortably complete basic┬ádigital tasks. The survey respondents were asked to recognise icons like WiFi, settings and menu, and perform tasks like downloading apps, accessing online maps, building a website, uploading video clips and making online transactions. The research also discovered that digital competency decreases with […]

How to Find, Hire & Retain Digital Talent

Employees in any organisation are responsible for driving it towards success. In an era of increasing digital dependency, businesses need to tap into┬ádigital talent to ensure unwavering success. However, with digital transformation disrupting workplaces continuously, we are expected to see a gap in the digital talent market by 2020. It has become important to hire […]

Change in Organisational Culture in the Digital Age

As more and more organisations evaluate their positions in the digital age, there are a number of challenges that come in the way of success. Organisational culture is a key decisive factor when it comes to digital transformation. New-age startups born in this era are already showing new cultural set-up devoid of bureaucratic silos, among […]

3 Tips to Ensure a Customer-First Experience

Customer loyalty has become more important than ever in an increasingly competitive business environment. Brands that want to leave a memorable impact on their potential customers would need to think ahead of the curve and place the customer first. Leading organisations around the world have been attaching importance to customer touchpoints for a while now. […]

Why Allow Flexible Working Hours?

The buzz around flexible working hours is there for a reason. With a major chunk of the global workforce transitioning into millennials, we are seeing interesting employment trends like never before. It would be wrong to think that such changes are stemming purely from a generational gap. Technological advances have paved the path to new […]