Artificial Intelligence – The Concept of Self Learning

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way with technology companies investing heavily on Internet of Things, voice assistants, chatbots, machine-learning and other intelligent business processes. AI is one of the fastest-growing technology segment in 2017. The AI technologies have been reshaping the way organisations function, fundamentally. AI is already disrupting traditional business models. There has been a […]

More Women in Tech Could Mean a Big Boost for European GDP

Across the EU there is a lack of women in tech and ICT roles. In fact, women make up only 18% of the ICT industry in Europe, compared to 48% in non-ICT sectors. This map, very interestingly, shows the percentage of women in tech across Europe. The UK come in at a below average 17%. […]

Making An Innovative Idea Global

Offering a solution to a problem is often where a start-up idea begins. To become a disruptor or offer a product or service that’s truly unique the idea has to be fresh, innovative and well-considered. In this article we’re going to take a quick look at an excellent example of a start-up that is disrupting […]